gastric sleeve surgery in mexico

Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

It’s important for people considering bariatric surgery to realize physical exercise is equally important as diet when it comes to developing a healthy post surgery lifestyle. After the surgery, a person will be able to more easily stabilize their weight by following a good...

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Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

Motivation: Keeping the Weight off After Bariatric Surgery

Weight is an issue that many people deal with, and it can be overwhelming. Some people opt for diets while others work out until they drop to the floor. Perhaps this is one reason you decided on the bariatric surgery to help you maintain...

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Bariatric Surgery Facts: Fear of Surgery

I’m afraid of surgery! Are there any non-surgical options available?

Top 10 Health Risks Associated with Obesity The term obese means that a person is approximately 20 percent over the weight that is considered healthy for their body type and size. Although not every obese individual will have each of the below health risks,...

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is weight loss surgery safe

Is weight loss surgery safe?

Putting the Safety and Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgery to the Test People who are morbidly obese or have difficulties losing weight find today’s weight loss surgical options a blessing. Studies even show that bariatric surgery is a proven method where patients can lower...

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