Lap Band Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Banding (Lap Band Surgery in Mexico)

Gastric banding, lap-band surgery is another form of bariatric surgery, but it is out of date. Most experienced physicians find gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or duodenal switch more current and successful.

How Does it Work

Gastric banding can alter the stomach's anatomy through the adjustable band. Patients are able to lose weight because it limits your food intake. There are two kinds of gastric bands currently available to patients.

The Adjustable Gastric Band uses a silicone ring and places it around the top portions of the stomach. The pouch created typically hold one to two ounces. When in place, it can restrict certain foods and volume of the items. Because it holds off emptying the stomach pouch, you'll feel full.

Laparoscopic techniques are typically used with this type of surgery and small incisions are made to allow the insertion of instruments. The band is then placed around the individual's stomach. A narrow camera allows the surgeon to view the site and fasten the band to the upper area of the stomach and locked securely.

Tubing then connects the band to skin that is housed beneath your abdomen. The surgeon can change the size of the stomach outlet by either adding or subtracting salt water or saline. The adjustment can allow a patient to determine the rate at which they lose weight. If it's too loose, more saline can be added to help restrict the amount of food from moving through. If it's too tight, saline can be removed to loosen it. This will then lessen the amount of restriction attached to the band.

While this method of surgery is not currently popular, it can still help individuals who are obese lose weight. It's also reversible, making it an ideal procedure for those who are uncertain about the permanence of specific weight loss surgeries. To help select your better self, your surgeon will be able to offer guidance on the procedure that is right for your own personal goals and needs.

What to Expect Afterward

Patients typically require only one day of hospitalization, and they can resume their normal activities within one week after Lap Band Surgery in Mexico.

A liquid diet is also prescribed for individuals immediately after surgery. As you progress, you'll be instructed to incorporate full liquids, soft or pureed foods and finally solids. However, a nutritionist will be able to help you determine the right dietary plan that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.