Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico and Other Countries

Bariatric surgery in Mexico offers significant savings over similar procedures in other countries. This list shows you the costs of gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand and Mexico.

Estimates of the average cost for most these common procedures:

CountriesGastric Bypass SurgeryLap Band SurgeryGastric Sleeve Surgery
The United States$24,598$15,604$19,539
Canada$15,708$21,250not available
Costa Rica$12,500$9,250$9,550

Why is Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Inexpensive?

Many prospective bariatric patients mistakenly believe that inexpensive medical services are inferior to expensive medical services. This is simply not true. The low costs associated with bariatric surgery in Mexico do not discount the quality of services that are available.

The United States and Canada have the highest costs for bariatric surgery in the world. The costs associated with bariatric surgery is almost 3 times the cost of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico.

In many hospitals in Mexico, the level of care is on par with The United States and Canada. There are 5 reasons that Mexico offers less expensive bariatric surgery than other countries. None of the reasons are due to inexperienced physicians or hospitals with poor administrative procedures.

  • 1Mexico has a lower cost of living than the United States and Canada.

    Doctors who perform bariatric surgery in Tijuana receive lower salaries for their services. Smaller salaries significantly lower the cost of bariatric procedures.

  • 2Malpractice insurance is lower in Mexico.

    When patients successfully litigate surgeons in Mexico, they are only entitled to receive compensation for losses due to actual damages. In the United States, patients can sue surgeons to get compensation for actual and punitive damages. Hospitals and surgeons in Mexico do not have to pay inflated medical malpractice insurance rates.

  • 3Surgeons in Mexico perform surgeries in large facilities.

    They are able to share expenses associated with operating a medical practice. In the United States, many physicians provide services from smaller facilities that are privately owned.

  • 4Mexico require less paper work & fewer administrative functions than hospitals in United States.

    The extensive paper work requirement is the result of the documentation that is required by U.S. laws.

  • 5Medical tests and lab work is less expensive in Mexico.

    Basic medical procedures such as blood work, urine tests and examinations are billed at a fraction of the cost of tests in other countries. In addition, prescription drugs in Mexico are inexpensive.

What Services Are Included in the Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is approximately $7,400. This amount includes pre-operative and post-operative procedures such as:

  • Fees for your nutritionist
  • Evaluation by your surgeon
  • Urinalysis
  • Chest X-rays
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Complete blood analysis
  • Hospital costs and your surgeon's fees
  • Fees associated with anesthesia
  • Private room fees
  • Prescription medicine

Fees associated with air travel, hotel costs, food and lodging for your travel companions and consultations after the surgery will make the total cost of your procedure slightly higher.