Is Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

Obesity is a growing problem that can contribute to a variety of medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. A number of treatments are available to help individuals reduce their body weight. Bariatric surgery, such as the gastric sleeve, alters the capacity of the stomach to aid in weight loss.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy VSG is a procedure in which 80 percent of the stomach is removed so that less food can be consumed comfortably. It is considered a safe and effective method to help obese individuals make significant progress over a shorter period of time. VSG not only reduces the size of the stomach. It also removes the cells that produce gherlin, the compound that causes appetite. The smaller volume of the stomach causes the patient to eat less, making it easier to lose weight. The removal of the gherlin-producing cells helps to reduce appetite that causes overeating. These measures make the gastric sleeve an effective method for weight reduction, without some of the medical problems associated with other types of bariatric surgery.
Many insurance companies and health professionals alike will require that you have attempted other forms of treatment with little to no result prior to having surgery. These prior treatments often need to be documented in your medical file before you can become a viable candidate.
Financing is a very important consideration when determining whether a surgical procedure is right for you. Surgical procedures such as the gastric sleeve can be very costly in the United States, running as high as $30,000.00.Insurance companies may not always cover the full costs of the procedure and there are numerous hoops to jump through in order to become eligible for benefits. You may have to consider alternative options such as borrowing the money, or utilizing money from your own personal savings.Alternatively, you could elect to have the surgery performed abroad. The cost of the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy VSG surgery in Mexico for instance, will only cost a little over $5,000, which is a much more manageable expense should your insurance provider elect not to pay for the procedure. Surgery in Mexico, or elsewhere may be a more budget friendly alternative.
The individual is put under general anesthesia for the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. The surgeon then makes several small cuts in the abdomen to reach the stomach. Tiny laparoscopic instruments are inserted into these incisions to see inside of the stomach an abdomen. A large section of the stomach is then cut and removed. The stomach is then closed using surgical staples and the incisions are closed. The procedure generally takes 60 to 90 minutes. The stomach section that remains is a narrow, sleeve-like shape, which gives the surgery its name. This technique is the routine surgery in Mexico, offering obese patients the opportunity to improve their health at a less expensive price. .
VSG is often done on patients for whom other types of surgery are too risky. Patients are carefully screened and monitored to ensure their safety during the procedure:
  • Anesthesia itself can cause a number of problems for sensitive patients. Those patients who experience reactions to anesthesia may not be suitable candidates.
  • Bleeding can occur from the internal surgical staples or the exterior incision.
  • Infection can occur at the wound site.
  • Blood clots can be a serious problem for patients who are prone to these issues.
VSG offers a number of advantages over other types of weight loss surgery. These advantages make it one of the most popular weight loss procedures:
  • Less invasive than gastric bypass surgery – VSG only removes part of the stomach and does not involve surgery on the small intestine. There are fewer medical complications, such as dumping syndrome.
  • No foreign devices are inserted – VSG does not use bands that can erode or cause infection.
  • Appetite is reduced with VSG – Cells that produce the compound that makes people feel hungry are removed, helping to avoid overeating and aid weight loss.
  • Healing is generally faster than with other weight loss surgical procedures – The individual experiences less discomfort after surgery and can return to work with 2 to 4 weeks.
Your physician will provide pain medications for any discomfort that may occur in the days right after your surgery. You will be provided with information about nutrition to ensure that your diet contains the right components for good health. You will be required to rest after your surgery to give the body time to heal properly. Although Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy VSG is one of the safest types of weight loss surgery, complications can occur. Patients may develop a leak of the staples or an abscess in the stomach wound. Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) can be a problem in some patients. Nutritional deficiencies can develop because of altered eating habits. In some cases, stricture of the smaller stomach can occur, which may require rest or additional surgery. However, the risk of these problems is small, and patients generally heal without a problem.If you are interested in VSG surgery to lose weight, consider having surgery in Mexico, where you can receive superior care at an affordable price.