What Should I Expect?

You will be treated with sensitivity and gentle care at every turn and return to your home relaxed, restored and ready to realize a new life journey by the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Here is a quick overview of how your three-day event will unfold.

Day One: Arrival & Surgery

Upon arrival at the San Diego Airport, you will be met by our driver in the baggage claim area. Your arrival should be scheduled no later then 7am the morning of surgery, or plan to arrive the day before (hotel charges may apply if bringing a companion). Please arrive fasting (nothing by mouth after midnight the night before). You will be driven to our hospital for your pre-op medical evaluations, which include lab and EKG tests. You will also meet with our cardiologist who will go over your health history and consult with our nutritionist regarding your post-op diet and food plan. Following admission to our hospital, you will be taken to your private suite where you will be prepared for surgery and will meet with our anesthesiologist and surgeon, Dr. Ismael J. Vazquez.

Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

Your procedure is performed using a laparoscopic approach and surgery time can vary for each individual. Family members can expect a wait of one to two hours. After your surgery is completed, your family will be advised of your status by our lead surgeon, the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

Recovery varies with each patient. Most patients are up and walking within a few hours of the surgery and experience only mild discomfort. Pain medications are provided, as needed, which assists in early mobilization.

Most patients will spend at least one night at the hospital for recovery. If you bring a companion, they will be returned to the hotel for the night. Band patients having outpatient surgery, are also returned to the hotel once they are stable.

Day Two & Beyond

The morning after the procedure, the patient is normally fully recovered. He or she is up and walking, and is on a diet of clear liquids. A discharge from the hospital to the hotel follows.

A recovery period of an additional 24-48 hours* at the hotel is recommended. You are encouraged to relax at the facility, walk around the grounds and enjoy your beautiful surroundings during your recovery. The hotel restaurant is accustomed to providing our patients with approved clear liquids for your post-op diet. You will be able to enjoy clear broths and juices from the restaurant with your companion.

We require that all gastric band surgery patients commit to follow-up either at Bariatric Select or a qualified center near their home. Adjustments are performed at our hospital, usually under fluoroscopy. For Plication and Sleeve patients we recommend that you return for a follow-up endoscopy within a year of surgery. For all patients, it is very important to stay involved in our follow-up email/video program and answer surveys in a timely fashion. The first fill adjustment is 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Other Common Questions

Our best bariatric surgeons in Mexico team has compiled a growing list (regularly updated) of commonly asked questions that can be found here: FAQ's