Frequently Asked Questions

Weight loss surgery in Mexico requires a significant commitment and financial investment. It is understandable for patients to have questions and concerns about bariatric surgery.

At Bariatric Select, our Patient Care Coordinators are committed to educating patients about every aspect of the bariatric surgery process. Our goal is to be a highly-respected source of information for weight loss surgery in Mexico. We want each patient to embody our motto "Select Your Better Self". For this reason, Bariatric Select has compiled a list of FAQs to assist patients with the task of making an informed decision about bariatric surgery.

What is bariatric surgery?
Is bariatric surgery effective?
How long does bariatric surgery take?
What is the difference between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery?
What are potential complications that can occur after surgery?
Who can benefit from weight loss surgery?
How much weight can patients expect to lose after surgery?
What are the minimum requirements for patients to be approved to have bariatric surgery?
Are there age requirements for bariatric surgery?
Do patients have to have optimal health to qualify for surgery?
After patients decide to have surgery, when will it be scheduled?
How long should patients plan to stay in Mexico?
When can patients resume their normal activities after surgery?
When can patients begin an exercise routine?
Is bariatric surgery an option for patients who have a history of previous abdominal surgeries?
How does bariatric surgery affect patients who have type 2 diabetes?
How does bariatric surgery affect patients with heart disease?
How soon can women get pregnant after bariatric surgery?
When are patients able to resume sexual activity?
Will bariatric surgery cause sagging skin?
Does bariatric surgery contribute to hair loss?
How long are patients required to take post-op vitamins and minerals?
How important is exercise after bariatric surgery?
Is it possible to regain weight after bariatric surgery?
Are there any guidelines that can prevent weight gain after bariatric surgery?
Can medications be discontinued after bariatric surgery?
Does insurance cover bariatric surgery?
Why choose Bariatric Select?